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As you’ve may have guessed, the goal of this particular dating sim is to befriend One Direction..maybe more (wink wink)?I say particular, but I should say peculiar, since the production value on display is..there isn’t a lot of production value on display, frankly. That’s not to say Pewds doesn’t have any trouble with this one - he’s only about 4 minutes when he realizes his years of gaming might not be enough.I’m pretty sure they just reused the same stock image of 1D over and over again. I mean, how could he have known that Louis would get injured playing football? So I’m not sure if it’s intended theme of the game or the overall quality, but our host does seem to begin to lose his drive somewhere in the middle of episode 2. You might feel like this is a pretty poor excuse for a simulation and you’d be right, but these ripped-from-fan-fiction scenarios are so preposterous, and the dialogue options so bad that you can’t look away.

Committing to do so for almost every character in an relatively obscure dating simulator? Before we go on any further, we have to commend Voices From The Dark on that note alone.Everyone knows the main power couple in the mushroom kingdom is Peach and Mario, a relationship which has survived in spite of Mario’s very public Mushroom addiction, but you know who never gets any love, literally? Of course, as lucahjihn soon finds out, Wario’s just working on his next scam here.Playing the game completely cold - as in, she’s never tried it before - everything on display here is about as new to her as it is to you.I gotta say this game does come off as rather easy.Of course nobody wants to come up short in the game of love, but Markiplier really seems to be knocking it out of the park with the matchmaking here.

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