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If you don’t know any students on campus, one way to directly contact someone is to find the university’s Facebook page or Twitter account and look for groups that reflect an openness to LGBTQ students.

Much like out students, another sign that a campus is inclusive is if there are out LGBTQ staff and faculty members at the college.

Campuses that are inclusive tend to have visual cues that point to their openness.

Symbols like Safe Zone stickers/buttons, pink triangles, and rainbow flags indicate a campus is proud of its diversity.

An open and safe campus is important, but it also helps when students feel just as comfortable off campus as they do on it.

Like other groups on campus, LGBTQ student organizations offer a sense of community by allowing people of like minds to connect in a safe space.

In addition to fun, social activities, these groups also provide academic and emotional support, opportunities for activism, and mentorship and leadership opportunities.

Students won’t feel comfortable and at home at a college without knowing that others are out and open about their sexuality.

When trying to determine if a college is inclusive, students should find out whether other LGBTQ students feel safe and comfortable being out not only when on campus, but also within the surrounding areas off campus. lesbian lesbian lesbian site-54

LGBTQ students have unique health care needs so it’s important that a school has an appropriate health center and health care staff that can address these concerns, particularly those that may be more sensitive.

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