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As in the UK, men and women are working harder and longer and simply don't have time for quality socialising.

Judging by their sheer numbers, attitudes to dating agencies have shifted in the past decade, with more and more twentysomethings signing up.

They want to mate, but time, like partners, is running out.

Hence, here in the UK, they turn to introduction agencies.

"It still seems the ultimate in desperation," says Joanna, a 30-year-old photographer, over a glass of wine in Bath's Shades wine bar.

"People do see it as a last resort." Shades, as the closest equivalent to the American singles bars which started up in the Sixties, is an acceptable alternative to the dating agency.

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"People never come in here on their own," she insists after I have walked past the impenetrable single-sex clusters, panicked over where to put myself and finally perched on a stool by the window.