Ipod touch play count not updating become less intimidating

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Ipod touch play count not updating

For Apple Watch Edition models, make sure the cover of the magnetic charging case is off.If you want to store your device long term, two key factors will affect the overall health of your battery: the environmental temperature and the percentage of charge on the battery when it’s powered down for storage.Software may limit charging above 80% when the recommended battery temperatures are exceeded.Even storing a battery in a hot environment can damage it irreversibly.If you need a replacement adapter to charge your Apple device, we recommend getting an Apple power adapter.Also non-genuine replacement displays may have compromised visual quality and may fail to work correctly.When using your device in a very cold environment, you may notice a decrease in battery life, but this condition is temporary.

This will prevent i Pod from accidentally waking up and using unnecessary power.Charging your device when it’s inside certain styles of cases may generate excess heat, which can affect battery capacity.If you notice that your device gets hot when you charge it, take it out of its case first.If you want to charge from your computer, make sure it is plugged in and powered on when you’re using it to charge your Apple Watch via USB.If your Apple Watch is connected to a computer that’s turned off or is in sleep or standby mode, the Apple Watch battery may drain.

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Therefore, we recommend the following: Depending on how long you store your device, it may be in a low-battery state when you remove it from long-term storage.

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