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Olive Chester was bmshtng off the lieavy braids of her luxuriant hair before the dressing mirror of her own apart- roeut, two iioors later, when Minnie ran In with a countenance comically divided between dismay and delight. " ticlalmtu the elder sister, dropping her hair brush Mit down, you llt Ue elf," k«|(| olive, lly% fbrclng her [sister into ii chair ! liulit room wall foiu un» heard tliftl I possess n danghier has lots of money -wants nn» to aid iiim In my well knonn experience of si K ll matters. knd exph Un (• me this mystcrioa* rid- ' Vo Q know papa left me to look over is lett«r to Mr. »hoin brilliantly Into the Mpxliiil Niiiit tiiiii of ol.l Jalx'i I'lioriie. and cliairnian .'f all the ngrieultural meetings for ten mill's. What dors the old ras- cal mean J" ejaculated the old man. How dark it la getting in thiit cavernou.'^ old hall. Thome 'i"' " All in good time, by boy— all in good time," said the old gentleman, deposit- ing Ii In large fdlver-bowed Npoctacles* in their c Tell flc Usy to carry a light Into the library, glrli, Aud Min- nie wlierc i.-* niy gold pen? 1 won't be very long about it, and then we'll have a nice, long evening to about . Chester was in his easy red curtained library, revising tlie letter he had been writing to hisohl college friend, .labe/, Thome, of Thorn ville, to the ef- fect that his nephew, John Lacy, w a.s in nearch of an eligible piece of land, aud wished to settle down a.s a planter in that vicinity, and rc(|ue Mting Thomc'Haid and co-operation in the welectlon of the same, Minnie opened the door. She was attired in white muslln, with a bwjuet of crimson moss rose buds in her bosom, and a spray of the same cifiulslte flow- er* In her hair, for some rural party or pi.nlc, and at flrst absolutely rel'Usod to enter the parlor. But I owe something »» my long friendship wilh old Zebedeo— I won't turn this pup- p\ out of drtors iiulte yet." "I suppose it is healthy 'r" asked . Mary Thome's astonishment wan even greater than that of her fither. "Wli.1t will you M-niure I .lon'i beolow H parting; trick on you wlf r W.

Onlern and hif|ulric« will receive prtiiupt nl- leulliin. Medinn u Un lina llio Best Assortment or Hair tu lie found In llic Ntnte ontaide of llo»ton. Subaldy Uonda granted by the gu Tvninivul to the I'acl Ac Kallruad (.'uuipaule». Wright, aa will be Been hy a notice f Uewhcre, receives her cla»»a In drawing Jan. onice the past year waa 41M, the iiuii\bcr f«»r the year IMT i H-lng GKI. Simp MUi llrcd a gun at the of- rtcer V head without dauiiige, with the exception that a portion of the wudding knocked the hkln otf one at his Angers. Michael Mc Evoy was fined and costs, for assault npon ofllcor Thomas. Doherly, a single man aliout twenty-five years uf age, was Instantly killed, luid Kelley, who belongs in Nomervllie and has a wife and three cliildren, was seriously Injured. Sola) by all Inllrfri^l« and Pertr Vimer* ; and pniperly applird at Batchelor'a Wig Kaclory, No, 111 Bond street. Since the dale of the last annual re- port two dividends have been, declared, one of which (983,530.s4) was payable ^^n the :i Olh of June last, the other (•91,- .•t itnt of the way of an approaching train, and step- ped across to the other track* and were struck by Uie engine on the inbound train, which they did not see. | Cirrulara, oontalnlns ftill partlrularx, foi Mnriltyl I on appllration to Il Ky KV I. lavtooratea and learea the hair aoll and lieauli ttt Xolmek or hrown. Dow routiniie* to de- vate h U entire attentio* lo the Irratcicnt of all dlaeaaea Inclde Mt to the ftemala ayal«m. perienre of twenty -Ihr Mt; years enable* him lo giiaraniee »|ie«l« aliatlea, marked down lo t-lo**, al M c Mi U p«r yard.

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Thome, and he was de ained loagar thao expected, almost au hour lu flwt, and I coold not help amas- nyatlf by writing a panxly or tiie parody I" »• y«« remember somebody was «• wk«t a beaatl Ail daighter Mr, had, so I wrote Jack was In •«•»not as piercing as they were to be, Uld my imuerllucut missive w RH gone while the real bona flde letter I'll there among a heap af discarded pa- pers. onfess my misdemeanors— papa Is so c'l'i'osed to my Innocent Jokes— aud Jack I- .(T with that Indescribable letter! I that she was, lia.l luit tlie In art l.i |i I line li»r us roundly hh she ileser\.'d III. It w«s no mliolarly look iiiir hliraiy, like that of hih ancient roiii ral. his fringe of gray hair that siii'rounded his bald head stniuling absolutely erect with indignation 'I'll semi Jeffers to kick tho sennij* out of tli Q jionse " But with a nioinent's reflection came c Mlmnes H "Well, sftrr all, I don't see what there Is in the matter to make me so foolishly angry tiu ..r L'le Mili;: lisil lieeii ' and iii Kleisiiiuiliii K from \ oil hail a de Mi;ible pie( i III!

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