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Bai Ling has one older sister Bai Jie (白洁), who works for the Chinese tax bureau, and a younger brother Bai Chen (白陈), who emigrated to Japan and works for an American company.

Bai has described herself as a very shy child who found that she best expressed herself through acting and performing.

Even though we're equal partners in our marriage, it's important for me to maintain my own identity, career and finances.

"No matter what," my grandma always said, "have your own money." In a span of a lifetime, my relationship with Tom was a mere blip.

Extremes, Wild Wild West, Anna and the King and Southland Tales, as well as TV shows including Entourage and Lost.

Bai was born in Chengdu, People's Republic of China.

Today, websites like Seeking are making it that much easier for men and women to connect by waving the carrot of support and financial security to attract youth and beauty.

Like many men of similar ilk, Tom could be aggressive about acquiring things he wanted.I'm here to meet guys from 26 to 34 years old for dating, friendship and serious relationship. is a Chinese-American actress known for her work in films such as The Crow, Red Corner, Crank: High Voltage, Three...A lot of my friends, however, were beginning to settle down and I started to feel like something was wrong with me for not being able to even fathom doing the same.That's not to say I wasn't happy with where I was: I loved my work and I loved the woman I had become.

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He was not at all a bad person, but increasingly, I was starting to feel owned and that I was losing myself.