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Parker stevenson dating now

“I remember seeing her do a dance routine with John Travolta in one of the ‘Look Who’s Talking’ movies and she’s a good dancer," he said."A good athlete." Danielle Jones-Wesley contributed to this report.“Kirstie and I are not friends now,” he says, “but we talk regularly about the kids. There was nothing other than maybe different goals in life.” In fact, their differences were so great Stevenson marvels that they were able to remain together for as long as they did. “That’s what made it so interesting.” But being opposites, he adds, “makes for not a good marriage.” When they first met by happenstance at an L. restaurant in 1981, Alley was a neophyte actress from Wichita, Kans., who was about to make her film debut in 1982’s Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.Stevenson was a seasoned pro, having begun his career in high school when he was cast in the 1972 film A Separate Peace. Y.-reared middle of three children of an investment adviser and his actress wife, Stevenson graduated from Princeton in 1976. Once, recalls Smith, when Stevenson walked into their 32-room mansion in Encino, Calif., where Alley, an ardent animal lover, kept a menagerie of up to 50 dogs, cats, possum, geese and other critters, “he said, ‘Kirstie, there’s a chicken in our bed! I didn’t expect you home tonight.’ And Parker said, ‘What does it matter if I’m home or not? ’ Another time he came home and there was this chimp hanging from their bedposts.” Otherwise, their bedroom life seemed quite satisfactory, as viewers of the 1991 Emmys found out when Alley, a winner for Cheers, thanked her husband “for giving me the Big One! “I think there are a lot worse things that can be said about you,” he says. After suffering a miscarriage, she publicly announced the couple would keep trying to have a baby but would also consider adoption.All the way through school, I was printing, and in college I was studying architecture.For years, most of my photography was landscape and architecture. I just felt it was sort of intrusive, and I was embarrassed and uncomfortable.

I am over the inhibitions of invading someone’s privacy.

“In any social situation, Kirstie lights up the room,” he says. As for Alley’s relationship with actor James Wilder, whom she met in 1997, “I would like Kirstie to be wonderfully happy,” says her ex, “because that’s good for the kids.” Still, he has regrets. You give your word before God to commit to this marriage,” he says.

“I just tend to be in the room.” The room was often filled with debate. “But if I get married again, it will be to someone who has the same dreams and aspirations as me.” He smiles.

“From being part of certain guilds or unions or certain levels of connections or a certain agent.

It does tighten up.” And while Stevenson tells us that he hasn’t been watching his former wife Kirstie Alley -- they were married from 1983 to 1997 -- heat things up on the current all-stars edition of “Dancing With the Stars,” he is still keeping tabs on her glowing reviews, and isn’t surprised by those sambas and swings.

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Parker Stevenson was first a Hardy Boy and teen heartthrob, before saving damsels in distress on TV as a “Baywatch” lifeguard.

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