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Named for Frank's pet Holstein, this vineyard features agrarian architecture.

Stairs in a silo lead down to the aging cellar, while guests stroll on a catwalk above the winemaking facility.

Step up to the dark-wood bar, and choose from three tastings.

From delectable sweets to a reserve merlot, talented winemaker Mark Friszolowski crafts something for everyone.

An outdoor stage features concerts and folk art fairs throughout the year.

Our Pick: 2004 Chardonnay ()―a good balance of fruit and oak with a nice finish.

Shelton Vineyards: At the north end of the valley in Dobson, Shelton Vineyards boasts a gorgeous setting, complete with a babbling brook coursing under fall trees.Their tasting room opens onto a sunny deck and gardens with a stunning view of the Yadkin River beyond.Our Pick: 2005 Fiori ()―good with cold salads and spicy Asian foods; 2005 Chiara ()―sweet, tastes more like a blush than a traditional rosé.The last few clusters of bruised purple grapes cling to vines, a treat for the birds more than the winemakers. Take a journey through this blessed stretch between Lexington, North Carolina, and the Virginia state line, where the roots of two dozen boutique wineries reach deep into the rich soil.The French call the essence of their wine regions' soils and climates "terroir," but in these parts, we know it simply as good Tar Heel taste.

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Note comments from our Foods and Travel staffs; we tasted an abundance to offer you our favorites.

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