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)There are some interesting things in it though, like what Kane discovers about his deceased wife.

I think I'll watch another episode and see how it develops.

I think it's rather inconsiderate to not think of people with head injuries, epilepsy, whiplash and HSPs (Highly Sensitive Person) that cannot watch such scenes.

It's done a lot in movies and series, I suppose it's goes down well with many, but what's the point during an action scene? Just really annoying and not watchable when you suffer from above mentioned ailments (I got all 4, ain't I a lucky girl!

At some point I almost expected the Joker to turn up.

Snipes' hair is ridiculous, I think he should've paid heed when Ace Ventura said "No one messes with the do!

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Would you like to have a hot girl on your arm by next week?

" But I suppose they wanted it in style with the over the top comic-book style (that I really truly hate! So far I like Winchester's acting best, although the American accent is odd.

Seriously not sure if Philip Winchester made a wise choice with this, and surely he must have had lots of options after doing an excellent job on a great series like Strike Back.

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However, in the myth, she was cursed by god Apollo, so that no one would ever believe her prophecies again and therefore she could never prevent the tragedies she'd see.

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